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Tavor Switchback Charging Handle


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Please note: The Tavor Switchback Charging Handle does not fit the X95.

The Tavor Switchback is a folding charging handle that will work on either side of the Tavor. It offers the lowest possible profile when folded but a good two finger grip when deployed. The handle is folded out by hand, pulled back, and then released. The force of the handle going forward will cause it to flip forward, i.e. "switch back" to the stowage position and lock there via a spring loaded detent and small tab on the handle. The Tavor Switchbackconsists of an inner lug and rod assembly and an outer handle assemble which are attached by two screws and includes the componets, hardware, allen wrench, and instruction sheet necessary for installation. The Tavor Switchback not only can be mounted on either side of the Tavor but with a small modification to the inner plastic gas cover it is possible to run two handles on the rifle at the same time.

Material: 6061 aluminum and steel rod

Finish:  Type III milspec hardcoat black anodizing on aluminum and black oxide on steel

Weight: 3.4 ounces

Length: N/A

Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA