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Scorpion EVO Kurz Forend

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The Scorpion EVO Kurz forend allows you to run a super short forend and barrel for the "MP5K" look and function!

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 The Scorpion EVO Kurz forend allows you to run a super short forend and barrel for the "MP5K"  look and function!

Made of 6061 aluminum the Scorpion EVO  Kurz Forend has M-LOK slots on the sides and underside and features a QD point on either side to give you plenty of options for mounting accessories and slings even in this compact package!

The squared off front end design gives you plenty of room to mount sights and optics despite being only 4.1" inches long- over 2.1" shorter than the OEM forend!

The construction of the Scorpion EVO Kurz Forend is mounted via a clamp block around the base of the barrel which not only allows the whole forend to free float from the length of the barrel, but also means you will have no more trouble with the pesky OEM forend nut and forend.

Although made of aluminum the forend weighs only 12.1 ounces with barrel mounting block. The Scorpion EVO Transformer Forend is 4.1" long, will take charging handles on both the left and right sides, has 10  picatinny slots on top, features an integral QD sling swivel point on each side, has a type III milspec hardcoat black anodized finish, and is made right here in the USA.

NOTE:  To compliment the Kurz forend we also offer CZ manufactured barrels that have been cut down to the appropriate length and are threaded 1/2x28 TPI on the end for use of most standard muzzle devices and suppressors.  The Kurz barrels are 5.5" long measured from the muzzle face to the breech face of the trunnion block, compared to 7.72" for the OEM barrel.   5/8" of threaded barrel projects out in front of the face of the Kurz forend when using a Kurz length barrel.  (Please note that we cannot guarantee fitment of other barrels cut down for other "shorty" Scorpion EVO forends- there is no "standard" for the length of these shortened forends)