Scorpion EVO Bench Block

SKU: MA-20800

The Bench Block is made of a heavy duty blue polymer that will not mar the surface of the receiver, and is shaped to fully support and distribute loads on the Scorpion EVO receiver while working on the gun. Four included bolts with nuts and washers are used to “clamshell” the receiver with the two blocks, and then the blocks, instead of the receiver, can be clamped into a vise to do work on the gun. An instruction sheet for proper use of the block is included.


Please note that the OEM barrel nut is typically installed with thread locker, and that heat should be applied with a heat gun or carefully with a propane torch to break down the thread locker prior to trying to remove the barrel nut, even when using the Bench Block. We have seen some nuts come off with almost no force, and some require very high amounts of force to break them loose.


If in doubt, take the gun to a Gunsmith to have the work done. Due to the inconsistent amount of thread locker used by CZ on the barrel nut Manticore Arms cannot be held liable for damage to the gun or components of the gun even when using the Bench Block.


UPC: 811359021178

100% designed and manufactured in the USA

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1.3 lbs


Detailed Material


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1 Pound, 4 Ounces

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