Renegade Handguard Assembly for Yugo M85 and M92

SKU: MA-8150

NOTE:  The ARC LOK version of the Renegade Polymer Forend is now on closeout at only $19.95 to make room for our new an updated M-LOK Renegade Polymer Forend that will be available shortly!

The Renegade Forearm with Polymer Top Cover for Yugo Krink AK offers full protection of the fore end of the rifle with a high temperature thermoset polymer. The forearm features a a “bulged U” cross section giving greater ergonomics and blends perfectly into the front of the receiver unlike most other fore ends available.

The forearm has texturing grooves at the gripping surface, and not one but two rows of ARClight slots on each side and even a row underneath that allow attachment of Manticore Arms ARC LOK rail segments, and even attachment of Magpul MOE series polymer rail segments and Impact Weapon Components Mount-N-Slot accessories.

To compliment the Renegade forearm a variety of optics mount top covers are available (sold separately). The top plates bolts securely onto the gas tube and allows mounting of various optics in a co-witness plane.

Colors are a prefect match to Magpul Black, and Russian Plum Colors.  Bakelite Orange is a match to authentic bakelite AK-47 magazines and to Tapco Orange.


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