Scorpion EVO Bullpup Kit

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ON SALE!!!   We are now offering the Scorpion EVO Bullpup Kit for only $199 for a limited time! 

NOTE: Due to a new forend mounting system and forends on the Scorpion EVO Micro 3+, the EVO bullpup kit will not work on on the 3+ models.

Want to suppress it?  Any suppressor up to 1.5″ diameter will fit out forends, AND, RatworxUSA makes a dedicated integrally suppressed forend that will work on it too, their VENOM suppressor series! :

Direct link to Ratworx VENOM suppressor

The Scorpion EVO Bullpup Kit designed by Manticore Arms and manufactured by CZ USA allows a standard Scorpion EVO carbine to be reduced in length to only 26.1″ with a 16″ barrel and still be a non NFA longarm!  Consisting of four major components – a new lower receiver, a buttplate, a cheekrest, and an optional optics riser, the EVO Bullpup Kit can convert a standard Scorpion EVO over the bullpup configuration in less than 15 minutes, and is fully reversible back to original configuration with no permanent modifications needed.

In the bullpup configuration the safety is a crossbolt button located just above the new pistol grip location.  The upper receiver, trigger pack, trigger bow, pistol grip, and magazine release are re-used, and the kit will work with the original OEM carbine forend.  In addition the kit will work and can be upgraded with most any aftermarket trigger bow, pistol grip (some with minor modifications), magazine release, and trigger groups thus allowing the same level of upgrade and customization as any other Scorpion EVO.  Standard and aftermarket charging handles will also work on the bullpup conversion.

The kit will also work with Manticore Arms EVO forends including both standard and carry handle models.  It will also work with the new Ratworx Venom integrally suppressed Scorpion Forend! (Please note that due to required placement of M-LOK slots for mounting the bullpup lower receiver, ONLY the OEM carbine forend or Manticore Arms forends will work.  Other brands of forends may not allow proper mounting of the lower receiver)

The buttpad is a kit specific version of the Manticore Arms Curved Buttpad found on most models of Tavor.  The kit is made of the same high grade polymer as the Scorpion EVO, and total weight of a carbine with kit installed is approximately 7 lbs 6 ounces.  The kit will function just fine with shorter barrels, but NFA regulations apply, and we recommend installing a suppressor of extended muzzle device to make sure the muzzle opening is at least flush with the end of the bullpup lower receiver.

Please note that due to the new safety position that binary triggers will not be able to be mounted and function properly in the bullpup lower receiver pack and binary triggers are not recommended in the kit.

Original price was: $395.00.Current price is: $199.00.

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3 reviews for Scorpion EVO Bullpup Kit

  1. ron G

    I bough this kit when it first came out, tonight I shot it in my first USPSA match. The gun worked amazing!! I finished 3rd overall out of 20 shooters.
    Thank you for building an amazing bullpup kit!

  2. Mark French

    As the last picture above shows, I got the 15″ Carry Handle MLOK forend for my Scorpion EVO to go with the awesome bullpup kit. Easy installation. Fells and works great! I use my Scorpion for PCC comps and the compact setup makes running stages easy.

  3. Rob K. (verified owner)

    Between the included instructions and YT videos, the process appears simple until you actually do it. Some things, like installing the magazine catch pin, were a bit more of a challenge than expected, but not impossible. Everything has the feel of quality, however for the price, I don’t believe the customer should have to reuse pins or springs from the original firearm. And some parts of the kit could have been pre-assembled without adding space required for packaging. Having not opted for the hugely discounted forend from Manticore Arms at time of purchase, in hindsight, I would say get a longer forend when you buy this kit. The fit and feel of the final product is great, but if I have one regret, it’s not saving a hundred bucks and getting the longer forend. This will require a gloved left hand, now.

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