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Bren 805 Safety


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With smoothed out edges and profile and a slightly longer length to reduce the force needed to operate, the Bren 805 Enhanced Safety makes it just that much better to run your Bren 805. Made of 6061 aluminum and black anodized right here in the USA, The Bren 805 Enhanced safety is available for both the left and right hand sides of the gun (each side of the Bren 805 uses a slightly different assembly).

Please note that due to the inherent design of the Bren 805 trigger mechanism and safety lever shaft the installation can take a little time and patience but the end result will totally be worth the effort.

Material:  6061 aluminum

Finish:  Type III milspec black anodizing

Weight: 0.2 ounces

Length: N/A

100% designed and manufactured in the USA

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