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ARClight ARC LOK aluminum rail segments


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Available in either 5 slots and 11 slot lengths, the ARClight ARC LOK rail segments are designed specifically to attach to all ARClight forearm and rail systems.

Made from 6061 aluminum and anodized black, the rail segments are attached through our patent pending ARC LOK rotating tabs- there is no need to be able to access the back side of the mounting surface, just insert the rail segment, rotate the screws 2-3 turns counterclockwise, then rotate clockwise until tight and it is attached!

Lugs on the back of the rail interface with the ARClight slots and transfer the forces directly to the ARClight forearm or rail system, instead of through the screws like most other attachable rail systems. ARClight rail segments are made in the USA and come with steel backer bar, mounting screws, and an allen wrench for easy installation.

Material:  6061 Aluminum

Finish: Type III Hardcoat Milspec Anodizing

Wieght: ??

Length: ??