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ARClight Tavor Light Ring


SKU: MA-5480

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The Light Ring allows for mounting of a 1" light in the lower front of the ARClight Tavor Forend and ARClight Tavor XTL forend. In addition, the design of the Light Ring also acts as a cover plate for the front of the forend system. Pair it up with the IPSM Big Button on an ARClight XTL for the ultimate light mounting setup on a Tavor.

The XTL model comes with the Light Ring and a top Filler Plate to completely seal the larger forend profile of the XTL forend when the Light Ring is installed in the front position.

Material: 6061 aluminum

Finish:  Type III milspec hardcoat black anodizing

Weight: ?? ounces

Length: N/A

Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA