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M41A Pulse Rifle



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The Armat M41A pulse rifle is the top of the line rifle not only for three gun and practical rifle, but also for the annoying bug hunts that you get sent on from time to time!  

Made of high strength polymer and alloy it weighs in at a light 9.8 lbs with included 30mm pump action grenade launcher.   The M41A is chambered in 10mm HEAP which will be available Q3 from Federal Ammunition, and is perfect for penetrating light armor (please note, this ammo is not recommended for use on ranges that do not allow steel cased ammo).  Magazine capactiy is 100 rounds with a digital readout on the side to let you know how many rounds are left in the current magazine, and is Bluetooth enabled to connect to your Google Glass (sold separately)

The 30mm grenade launcher is perfect for dealing with multiple targets and functions via a pump action.  Recoil is light enough that even women with little firearm experience or small children who have been orphaned on a distant terraformed planet can use it!

Estimated restock date Q2 2130, please sign up for in stock notification.

Please Note:  The product is not approved for sale in California, and per Proposition 65 is know to contain chemicals that can cause reproductive harm, especially to xenomorphs.