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Eclipse Flash Hider for Yugo Krinkov


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Designed specifically for the .308 and 7.62 mm caliber cartridge the Eclipse Flash Hider uses a slightly twisted triple prong design to reduce flash to near zero in even total darkness conditions. The device is threaded 26.5 x 1 for the unusual threads of the Yugo M85 and M92 PAP "krinkov" style pistols and rifles, and will clear any projectile up to .311 caliber and 7.62 mm. Do not use with larger calibers. The Eclipse Flash Hider is marked "MA" and "30" and has multiple detent notches to thread down as far as possible on the muzzle.

Material: 8620 steel with Rockwell 50C heat treat

Finish: Black oxide

Weight: 4.1 ounces

Length: 2.25 inches

100% designed and manufactured in the USA