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NightBrake for 14x1L


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With the same excellent performance as the original NightBrake, the new 14x1L threaded version features a single detent notch to time properly and wrench flats for those stubborn barrels. An included high temperature silicone washer eliminates rattle and keeps the device perfectly aligned when mounted.

The Nightbrake provides both muzzle rise reduction and recoil reduction all in one.  A total of 18 ports distributed on the up half of the muzzle device help stabilize and reduce exiting gas pressure while the lack of ports on the underside prevent dust signature.  The Nightbrake is threaded 14 x 1 L  and will clear any projectile up to 0.311  caliber or 7.62 mm, and is marked "MA" to denote it as a USA made 922r compliant part.  The 14 x 1 L threaded Nightbrake has a single detent notch and includes a high temperature silicone washer to prevent rattle when installed.  The muzzle device can be installed without the washer and will still function with no issues.

Material: 8620 steel with Rockwell 50C heat treat

Finish: Black oxide

Weight:  2.0 ounces

Length: 1.875 inches