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Yugo Krinkov NightBrake 26mm


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Machined from 8620 steel with a black oxide finish and heat treated for a life of hard use, the Manticore Arms Yugo M92 NightBrake muzzle compensator is designed specifically for the 26x1.5 left hand thread found on the muzzle of the Yugoslavian M92 and M85 Krinkov rifles and PAP series of pistols. The NightBrake is designed to reduce felt recoil, virtually eliminate muzzle rise, and can safely pass any projectile up to 0.311" (0.30 caliber) in diameter, making it a universal muzzle device for both the M85 and M92. A total of eighteen ports distributed around the upper 270-degree arc of the device help stabilize and reduce exiting gas pressure, and the lower 90-degree arc has no ports to prevent a dust signature when fired.

The Yugo M92 NightBrake flash hider is 2.125 inches long, adding only 1.125 inches to the overall length of the rifle- it is over an inch shorter than the standard M92 muzzle booster. In addition the weight is only 3.0 ounces, and it is marked "MANTICORE" to denote a U.S. made part that counts towards 922r compliance.

Material:  8620 steel with heat treat

Finish:  Black oxide

Weight:  2.7 ounces

Length:  2.125 inches

100% designed and manfuactured in the USA