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Switchback Charging Handle MINI


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The Switchback Charging Handle is an innovative design that is folded out, pulled back to charge the firearm,  and when released will automatically run itself forward and fold back into the storage position.  The allows for a handle with a large gripping area when charging the firearm while having a low snag free  profile when not needed.

On the AUG the Switchback Charging Handle can be rotated upwards into the rear locking notch to hold the bolt open and then slapped downward with an "HK slap" to send it forward and home.  The contact surface of the charging handle is a removable and replaceable polymer pad to prevent wear on the valuable AUG receiver.  

The Switchback is a drop in replacement for any Steyr AUG A2 or A3 charging handle, or the charging handle for all MSAR series of STG and E4 rifles with the smaller curved back charging handles.  The older rectangular charging handle with forward assist button such as that used on the STG-77 or AUG A1 model uses a different receiver mounting lug and the Switchback is not compatible with that model of AUG charging handle.

The Mini model gives a "two finger" grip on the deployed charging handle.

Material: 6061 aluminum  (and polymer for wear pad)

Finish:  Type III hardcoat milspec black anodizing

Weight: 1.4 ounces 

Length:  N/A

100% designed and manufactured in the USA