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Tavor Overwatch Full Length Top Rail


SKU: MA-7200

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The top rail on the Tavor SAR is notoriously low and designed for taller Israeli made optics. The Overwatch top rail raises the rail height up approximately 1/2" which makes the height of the Tavor optics rail over the stock the exact same as that of an AR-15, and allows for comfortably mounting and using all of the standard optics and iron sights available in the AR-15 focused U.S. market. The Overwatch Full Length rail features 40 picatinny slots and can be used as a carry handle by gripping the front portion above the upper handguard.

Material: 6061 aluminum 

Finish:  Type III milspec hardcoat black anodizing

Weight: 9.2 ounces

Length: 14.5 inches

Designed and Manufactured 100% in the USA