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Afterburner Muzzle Comp Tip


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Tailor the performance of your Afterburner Linear Compensator to your exact needs with our thread-on muzzle tips. The Afterburner Muzzle Comp Tip (aka "the rocket pod" as we call it in the shop) adds only 1 ounce and 0.625" inches of length to the Afterburner Linear Compensator and dials it in to reduce felt recoil.The tip installs via the internal threads in the front of the Afterburner.  No thread locker or washers are necessary to install the tip, just thread it in snugly and it is secure.

Material:  8620 steel with heat treat

Finish:  Black oxide

Weight:  1.0 ounces

Length:  0.625"  past face of Afterburner Muzzle

100% designed and manufactured in the USA