Scorpion EVO Fixed Extended Charging Handle

SKU: MA-14700

The Fixed Extended Charging Handle projects out 1/2″ more than the OEM CZ charging handle thus giving more to grab onto for charging the gun. Manufactured all in house by Manticore Arms the aluminum handle is pinned to a steel rod assembly. All surfaces are contoured to remove sharp edges and the handle is large enough to allow for an “HK slap” to charge the weapon.


A common solution with this upgrade is to use the Fixed Extended Charging Handle on the typical charging side and move the OEM charging handle to the offhand side, giving the option to charge the gun from either side when required.


PLEASE NOTE: When removing the OEM or a Manticore charging handle from the scorpion, you will need to depress the detent spring through the lock pin hole to to prevent the spring from being bent, mangled, or damaged. Manticore Arms does not warranty springs damaged from improper removal of the handle. If in doubt on how to remove a handle properly, please email us at [email protected]

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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.1 lbs


Detailed Material

6061 Aluminum


Type III Milspec Black Anodizing

Product Weight

1.1 Ounces

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