Scorpion EVO Slider Stock Buttplate Assembly

SKU: MA-14590

The Scorpion EVO Slider Stock Buttplate Assembly allows you to swap out the SB Tactical Arm Brace for an actual stock (all NFA laws apply) without needing to buy a whole new Slider Stock, you simply re-use the mounting block. When fully collapsed only adds 3/4″ of length and no additional width to the gun. The stock friction lock in the closed position and can be “rapid deployed” instantly with a pull and will lock in the open position. Maximum length of pull is 12.5″  and the gun can be fired with the stock open or even fully collapsed with no interference of the ejection port. The buttplate has a QD point on the top along with a sling loop on the underside. The buttplate is grooved for a good grip on the shoulder, and has the ability to mount an optional rubber buttpad if the user prefers.


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.5 lbs


Detailed Material

6061 Aluminum


Type III Milspec Black Anodizing

Product Weight

6 Ounces

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