Scorpion EVO Switchback Charging Handle GEN 2

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Based off the design of our incredibly popular and successful AUG Switchback and Tavor Switchback Charging Handles, the Scorpion EVO Switchback Charging Handle works in just the same way – fold out and pull back to charge the weapon and let go; the handle automatically returns to the folded position. It can even be locked into the holdback notch and given an “HK slap”  it will automatically go forward and fold.

The GEN 2 version features a polymer lug overmolded onto a precision ground steel rod, and a steel folding charging handle.  The use of a polymer lug means you can now use the handle with an aluminum forend without any wear on the finish.

The best part is with the charging handle setup on the Scorpion EVO you can mount the Switchback Charging Handle on your primary charging side and mount your OEM handle on the off side, giving you dual charging ability on the gun.

PLEASE NOTE: When removing the OEM or a Manticore charging handle from the scorpion, you will need to depress the detent spring through the lock pin hole to to prevent the spring from being bent, mangled, or damaged. Manticore Arms does not warranty springs damaged from improper removal of the handle. If in doubt on how to remove a handle properly, please email us at [email protected]

PLEASE NOTE:   You are purchasing a single handle.  Photos show that two handles can be installed simultaneously and will work, but you have to order two handles to receive two handles.


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2 reviews for Scorpion EVO Switchback Charging Handle GEN 2

  1. cotywinchester

    \it’s a cool product however the polymer can break, i almost punched myself in the face at the range

  2. Walden Arms

    I love these! Best design ever!! I have with several on civilian and law-enforcement guns in Michigan.

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