Tavor TS12 Muzzle Brake

SKU: MA-32210

The TS12 Muzzle Brake replaces the existing forend retainer nut and not only gives a great new look to IWI’s shotgun, but also reduces felt recoil.  The more powerful the load fired, the more you will notice the recoil reduction!

Simply unscrew the existing forend retainer nut, and screw on the TS12 Muzzle brake and you are ready to go! Even better, chokes can still be used on the gun while using the TS12 muzzle brake.



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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.5 lbs
Detailed Material

1018 Steel


Black Oxide

Maximum Caliber

Up to 12 Gauge

Product Weight

7.9 Ounces

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