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Similar to our Tavor Curved Buttpad, the X95 Curved Buttpad features an aluminum skeleton structure with an overmolded rubber pad.  The rubber pad is curved to conform to the shoulder and not only give better ergonomics and grip but also shortens the overall length of pull on the rifle.  By keeping the top edge the same length as the OEM buttpad the rifle does not drop under 26″ inches in length, which if shorter than that would make it an NFA Short Barreled Rifle.


The X95 curved buttpad is made by Manticore Arms in the USA.


Please note that Tavor Curved Buttpads and X95 Curved Buttpads ARE NOT interchangeable- each model of IWI Tavor uses its own dedicated buttpad.  Please be sure to order the correct buttpad for your rifle, and if not sure please contact customer service at [email protected]


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

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9 reviews for X95 Curved Buttpad

  1. Mark Sanzone (verified owner)

    If you don’t install on your X95, you’re reducing the amount of joy from a shooting session significantly. Material is high quality. Fits so perfectly, looks like it was made by IWI. Fits my shoulder, too. Brilliant improvement!

  2. Kyle

    I bought this a few years ago. Fit and finish are great. Can’t tell it’s not original Takes off about 1″ from the length of pull. Performs as advertised.

    None of these are reasons why I am giving it a 5-star review. The reason why I love this friggin’ thing is because I can use my X95 with my plate carrier without any issues whatsoever (for reference, I use a Agilite K19). I wish I could say the same for any of my ARs. The curve makes it conform to the shoulder straps/buckles. Operating my X95 with or w/out body armor with the curved buttpad is virtually the same.

  3. Action Hank (verified owner)

    This was a welcome replacement for the X95’s OEM butt pad, which I found did not shoulder well with optics and especially not with body armor. Installing the curved model resolved these issues. The finish and molding were flawless, the instructions were simple, and installation was quick and easy.

  4. Greg

    Very good, the rifle rolls much better on the shoulder and has a more natural point of aim. Totally recomend this, plus you know it makes it shorter without it being shorter

  5. Alan

    Simple 1 minute installation. Much more comfy than original. Perfect fit into the shoulder.

  6. Jack

    What a cool mod. Easy remove and install. Fit and manipulation for cleaning is fine.
    Good quality build. Please pass on an atta boy to your component manufactuer(s).
    The fit and feel on my shoulder is so much better than the OEM buttpad. And feels more secure.
    It is wonderful to have a “go to” company that I can feel sure of excellent quality stuff.
    Great design Sven! Thank you!

  7. Thomas McClimans

    Arguably the single best upgrade for the X95 (excepting the trigger, of course), quick/easy to install and significantly improves shouldering & target acquisition from low ready.

  8. Mark (verified owner)

    Just received mine after it was out of stock for a while. Well worth the wait. This thing is thick and very well made. Haven’t installed yet but can’t wait to use it. Well done.

  9. William (verified owner)

    Perfect fix for a more comfortable shooting position. More secure feeling than stock. Helps straighten your neck which reduces fatigue. High quality well engineered product. Highly recommended.

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