2 Point Carbine Sling M90 Desert camo special edition

SKU: MA-24790-MDS


If you have to fight in the woods, you might have to fight in the desert too, right? To go with our Swedish M90 camo slings we have also done a limited special edition production run of the Zulu Nylon Gear two point adjustable sling in M90 Desert Camo! Unlike the other slings which are made of standard nylon strap, these are made of three layers of 500d cordura folded over on itself to get the camo pattern and proper material thickness.  It will feel a little bitt different in adjustment, but is just as functional and durable as the standard nylon slings.

The Zulu Nylon Gear two point adjustable sling is made to be simple, light, and fast. Attaches using fixed 550 cord loops at each end with no additional hardware required. Pull the thumb loop down for tension, pull the 550 cord loop up for slack. The rear section is made using soft tubular webbing that won’t snag on equipment or cause discomfort on your neck.

  • Weighs less than 3oz
  • 1″ width minimizes bulk
  • No additional hardware required
  • Made with high quality MILSPEC components
  • Made in USA


100% designed and manufactured in the USA

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0.25 lbs

Swedish M90 Camo



Product Weight

2.7 Ounces

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