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(The Gasketed Port Cover will work on both the Tavor SAR and Tavor X95)


The Tavor Gasketed Port Cover uses the unique solution of a compressible gasket to stop gas leakage through the ejection port cover and is ideal for use when running a suppressor. An inner and outer panel are pulled together by two screws and the gasket is sandwiched and compressed between the two panels which causes it to expand and fill in every gap and thus guarantee a gas tight seal regardless of irregularity in the surfaces to be sealed.  The Gasketed Port cover will work on both the left and right side ejection ports of the Tavor SAR and X95 and has an integral QD pocket for a sling mounting point.  All hardware and tools are included for installation.

An Instructional video on installation can be found below.


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11 reviews for Tavor Gasketed Port Cover

  1. mrsnickers2003 (verified owner)

    Just a couple minutes to install. Seals up nicely.

  2. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    This is a must have upgrade for the X95 no more gas face or wondering if the tape you used to contain the gas is going to peel off.

  3. Enry (verified owner)

    Difficult to install and does not fully seal the ejection port. Had to file down the length of the interior plate to get it to fit flush and not interfere with the recoil mechanism in my X95. The rubber gasket did not fully seal the ejection port – too short to the rear and the tab at the top was too short. Could see light across the top. I installed it with sealant to fill the gaps.

    • Sven Jonsson

      There should be no need to file anything to make it fit if properly seated in the groove that it sits in. Please reach out to us if you have fitment issues BEFORE modifying the part!

  4. James

    A must have upgrade to your Tavor, installs easily and makes shooting suppressed a pleasure. No more burning eyes.

  5. Alan

    Super easy to install ( you will need to remove the BCG for installation) works as described-simple easy and affective upgrade to stop the gas leaking from the port.

  6. Jack (verified owner)

    Took some time to get the inside plate to fit flush (I can imagine that some Tavor/Manticore tolerances work out looser or tighter) – keep working the right entry angle and it will pop in. I can understand Enry’s difficulties (Dec 2022). My gasket was bonded on which made it a little more troublesome. But a tight fit should help with sealing.
    Good solid design … so solid … love it.
    Have not shot with it yet, but based upon the design alone it should seal better than the OEM port cover.
    One complaint … the photo shows a cool Manticore logo on the port cover. The one I received has “USA” in lieu of the logo. Suggestion: replace the “MA” with the logo, the “USA” is a nice touch.
    Thank you Sven! If you’re ever in the Pacific Northwest stop by and I’ll smoke us up some reeel good brisket.

  7. Wes

    Overall, I like it but it’s an upgrade that shouldn’t have been needed if IWI actually fully tested their weapon, instead of beta testing on customers, especially if this causes cancer from the gas, but whatever who doesn’t love dying from cancer… Should have been a recall and free upgrade from IWI. Anyways, why I’m giving this a 4 star and not a 5, is because of the blind hole in the center of the gun. I don’t understand why it’s there? Maybe it needs to be there for some reason, but I don’t want dirt or whatever getting in there. I’m going to wait for a response from Manticore Arms, but if it literally does nothing, I don’t understand why I wasn’t provided a plug for it or why it’s there, to begin with. I will be purchasing a plug for this unnecessary blind hole, if it does nothing. If Manticore Arms has a reason for it being there, then ignore my 4 stars and bump it up to 5. One last thing though, I purchased this part thinking I would receive the same engraving that I see on the picture provided of the “MA” and “Manticore symbol”, but mine is engraved with “MA” and “USA”. I would have preferred the bigger “MA” and “Manticore symbol”, this engraving seems pretty shallow. Not a really big deal, but I would have liked to get what I paid for. Maybe others like the “USA” but I just thought the symbol was pretty cool and they should have stuck with it.

    Video provided:
    Note that you need to have the action all the way open for the back plate of the port cover to fall out and then also to install it. If you don’t have the action fully open you will just jam it up, but pulling back the action with unjam it. When trying to install the Manticore gasket back cover, I found using the “L” end of the Allen wrench provided, helped with adjusting the back gasket plate into its proper position, by putting it in the threaded holes. Once in position, snug it up pretty well and then rack the action a few times.

    • Sven Jonsson (verified owner)

      The “Blind hole” is a QD pocket for an additional sling mounting point- Manticore Arms

  8. Stewart (verified owner)

    Excellent product, install was extremely easy.
    No issues of gasket fitment, works perfectly.

  9. Phil (verified owner)

    It’s a fantastic quality of life upgrade, and should be one of the first things you buy for the x95 even if you don’t shoot suppressed.

    Without the port cover, you’d always deal with gas in your face causing your eyes and nostrils to sting- which isn’t a great thing to deal with when you have a loaded firearm in your hands. Not to mention the health concern of inhaling heavy metals and gas every time you fire.

    The install was VERY easy (I’m pretty new to gun ownership and installing accessories, and I had absolutely no problem. Just watch MA’s how-to video on YouTube). Took me less than 10 minutes to install.

    My only gripe (albeit a very minor one) is that the manticore logo depicted in the product picture wasn’t on my port cover. Instead, I have a “USA” inscription in that spot. It’s not a deal breaker, but worth calling out the product image isn’t an exact match of what you may get if you’re more aesthetically concerned.

    It’s still a 5 star purchase for me, and highly recommended.

  10. William (verified owner)

    As all the upgrades Manticore offers Tavor X95, the port cover is designed by and for users. The installation is as easy as the instructional video presents. The gases and carbon port produced was a bother, especially for my eyes. You could smell and feel the output. High quality price, nice easy fix.

  11. William (verified owner)

    As all the upgrades Manticore offers Tavor X95, the port cover is designed by and for users. The installation is as easy as the instructional video presents. The gases and carbon port produced was a bother, especially for my eyes. You could smell and feel the output. High quality piece, nice easy fix.

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