Renegade Optics Mount Top Cover- Burris Fastfire

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The Optics Mount Top Plate is the perfect compliment the Renegade forearm, and the top plate bolts securely onto the gas tube and allows mounting of various optics in a co-witness plane. This model is designed to work with the Burris Fastfire.

The Optics Mount Top Plate for Yugo AK will fit all models of Yugo M92 and M85 PAP pistol and rifle, and is proudly made in the USA. Optics Mount Top Plates are made of 6061 anodized aluminum and come with the top plate, two “U” mounting brackets, 6-32 screws, allen wrench, and instructions for installation and are proudly made in the USA. Optics Mount Top Plates are only intended to be used with the Renegade polymer lower forearm. THE OPTICS MOUNT TOP COVER SHOULD NOT BE USED ALONE, IT SHOULD ONLY BE USED WITH THE RENEGADE FOREARM. OPTICS MOUNT TOP COVERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE SEPARATELY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY PURCHASED THE POLYMER LOWER!


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

.2 lbs


Detailed Material

6061 Aluminum


Type III Milspec Black Anodizing

Product Weight

2 Ounces

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