X95 Overwatch Full Length Top Rail

SKU: MA-7270

The top rail on the Tavor X95 is notoriously low and designed for taller Israeli made optics. The Overwatch top rail raises the rail height up approximately 1/2″ which makes the height of the X95 Tavor optics rail over the stock the exact same as that of an AR-15, and allows for comfortably mounting and using all of the standard optics and iron sights available in the AR-15 focused U.S. market. The X95 Overwatch Full Length Top Rail rail features 35 picatinny slots and spans the full length of the top of the receiver and forend just like the OEM top rail.  A QD pocket is integrally machined on the front left and right side of the rail, and the front of the top rail is notched to allow both the OEM and aftermarket forends to engage in the front of the rail for additional forend support.


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.7 lbs
Detailed Material

6061 Aluminum


Type III Milspec Black Anodizing

Product Weight

9.9 Ounces

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