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The Switchback Charging Handle is an innovative design that is folded out, pulled back to charge the firearm,  and when released will automatically run itself forward and fold back into the storage position.  The allows for a handle with a large gripping area when charging the firearm while having a low snag free profile when not needed.

On the AUG the Switchback Charging Handle can be rotated upwards into the rear locking notch to hold the bolt open and then slapped downward with an “HK slap” to send it forward and home.  The contact surface of the charging handle is a removable and replaceable polymer pad to prevent wear on the valuable AUG receiver.

The Switchback is a drop in replacement for any Steyr AUG A2 or A3 charging handle, or the charging handle for all MSAR series of STG and E4 rifles with the smaller curved back charging handles.  The older rectangular charging handle with forward assist button such as that used on the STG-77 or AUG A1 model uses a different receiver mounting lug and the Switchback is not compatible with that model of AUG charging handle.

The Mini model gives a “two finger” grip on the deployed charging handle.


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

.1 lbs

Type III Milspec Black Anodizing

Detailed Material

6061 Aluminum



Product Weight

1.4 Ounces

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10 reviews for Switchback Charging Handle Mini

  1. George (verified owner)

    Excellent workmanship! Installation was a breeze with the great instructions, the only thing was that I used the original steel pin that came with the rifle due to it providing a much tighter fit. After installation and testing the charging handle worked as it was intended too. No more skinned knuckles!!! THANK YOU!!!

  2. Brian S (verified owner)

    Like it better than the Corvus Defensio one I don’t use now.

  3. Michael Fuentes (verified owner)

    Manticore arms has always made superior aftermarket parts and stuck behind their products. This charging handle is a good testament to that. I recently ran this charging handle on my AUG in a CQB training course and it performed way above any other charging handle that I have ran on the AUG. All I can say is this is the best bang for the buck and thank you manticore arms for making amazing products for the average joe. Manticore arms will always have me as a loyal customer.

  4. Michael Belcher (verified owner)

    Easy to install with adequate instructions. It appears well built. May only complaint is the significant wobble and movement it has. It should not be so loose.

  5. Andre V.

    The Switchback mini charging handle has totally changed my relationship with my AUG A3.

    No more knuckle-to-rail contact. No more failures to lock back into the receiver notch. No more handle protruding from my rifle.

    The Switchback does everything I hoped it would do and it’s easy to find instinctively. Steyr should make this an OEM part.

  6. Andrew (verified owner)

    Works extremely well. The instructions I got were pretty dark, wasn’t easy to see what was being shown, but luckily it isn’t a complicated install.

    Very loose, though. There’s play in literally every direction. I’m going to take it back off, and see if I can’t put a small piece of rubber inside as a shim or something. Given how the charging handle works, there’s no need for such loose tolerances.

    Hard to rate a product well, when the piece itself feels solid, until you attach it to your weapon and it doesn’t feel like it’s attached properly.

  7. Kyle (verified owner)

    What a great product, this thing is a total game changer. The factory AUG handle is small, smooth plastic, and angled upward in an awkward position leaving your knuckles prone to being skinned and, in my opinion, just awkward ergonomics.

    The Switchback went on super easy. The instructions were very easy to follow if you at least understand basic terminology and have some useable tools.

    Once it went on it was like a dream. The angle is 1000x better, it’s a much larger surface and it’s textured for better grip. It puts the stock charging handle to shame. This is easily my favorite upgrade so far.

    The people complaining about it being “loose” I don’t really understand. Either they installed it wrong or they’re not understanding the nature of the AUG charging handle. It moves around, it rotates, it’s not an AR charging handle. Not sure what they were expecting. The factory one moves around too. It’s supposed to.

  8. Jim Corrin (verified owner)

    The Manticore switchback charging handle lever is a fantastic product. It practically eliminates fumbling for the factory handle. It provides a better grip than the factory lever does. When locking the bolt to the rear, the handle locks perpendicular to the action which is faster than the 10 o’clock position of the factory lever. This also means that it is faster to operate. Great product and a superb improvement. The pictures in the instructions are somewhat small and difficult to see but the video on Manticore’s site clarified any questions I had. I am very pleased…. now for the trigger….

  9. CRS (verified owner)

    Excellent upgrade especially if you have a scope with dial knobs as always hit them with the factory handle. Also was never able to use the bolt hold open as a ring in the way and the new handle doesn’t interfere with anything. Charging the rifle is so much easier now with the extra leverage.
    For the reviews about the handle being loose or has a lot of play I did notice with the provided pin it was fairly loose but doesn’t hinder anything. Used my factory pin that lined up with the new handle holes and was a tighter fit on the AUG rail but couldn’t slide it in by hand and had to use a nylon punch and lightly tap it to get it to go most of the way and finished with a brass punch to get it to go in all the way. Will probably be hard to take off but don’t plan on removing the handle. Also your rifle might be different tolerances and the factory might drop in and don’t recommend what I did as could get the pin stuck partway. But the provided pin is slightly smaller and what some people notice.

  10. John M (verified owner)

    Easy install after watching video. Seems well made and a great upgrade for my AUG.

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