Hellion Enhanced Safety System

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The Hellion Enhanced Safety System provides improved ergonomics with AR-15 style safety levers on both sides of the firearm.  Safety levers are mounted to a new central safety shaft via torx screws, making removal and replacement far easier than the original Hellion safety design.

Both safety levers use a profile and location very similar to that of an AR-15, which was found to be the most comfortable and ergonomic for the majority of users.  The safety levers and central safety shaft are made of steel with a blackened finish.


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.1 lbs

Black Nitride

Detailed Material

1018 Steel

Product Weight

1.2 Ounces

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2 reviews for Hellion Enhanced Safety System

  1. Alex Li (verified owner)

    The installation was a bit tricky, the included punch can be easily broken if not careful. That safety is metal and feels solid. Manipulation is a lot easier now! I used some white paint to fill the grooves and it looks a lot better now. Definitely recommend if you have the Gen 1 safety

  2. Andrew (verified owner)

    I held off buying this and regretted it when it went out of stock. Snatched it up once it was available again. After watching Manticore’s YouTube video, it was a quick install. I love how the product gets rid of the pin of the original factory parts and is all metal!

    Operating the safety now is super easy and familiar. Wish I would have had this setup when I did a rifle course a couple weeks before.

    Please, please make more aftermarket parts for the Hellion. An upgraded flared mag well, a forearm that allows for better purchase and accessory placement, etc. would be awesome! Definitely buying from you again!

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