Tavor 7 Hammerhead Polymer Forend

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The Hammerhead Forend offers the ability to mount M-LOK accessories on the sides and underside, plus one additional M-LOK slot on the top, is more rigid than the OEM polymer forend, and an additional 2.4 inches of length over the OEM forend gives you more surface area to hang on to, especially for those with longer arms. A slot in the top of the forend allows for easy adjustment or removal of the gas piston assembly.

It is specifically designed to mount 1″ diameter flashlights with a pressure switch, with Manticore Arms recommending the Fenix PD35V3.0 light with a Fenix  AER-02-V2 pressure switch. (Light, rechargeable 18650 battery with charging cable, and tape switch included if light is ordered in pulldown menu below.  The light can also use a pair of CR123 batteries to power it).   The new  PD35V3.0 is particularly nice as a button on the front allows the choice of five different illumination levels from five lumens up to 1700 lumens.

The Hammerhead is made of a highly heat resistant fiber reinforced polymer and will work with both the OEM and Manticore Arms Tavor 7 full length top rails.


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6 reviews for Tavor 7 Hammerhead Polymer Forend

  1. Aaron (verified owner)

    Excellent product and the video makes it super easy to install. Thank you

  2. John P. (verified owner)

    After installing the Hammerhead Forend and Curved Buttpad on my Tavor 7, it completely changed the look and feel of the rifle. Those 2 items definitely made the rifle more comfortable to shoot while providing better ergonomics. Being an Outdoor Fenix Brand Ambassador, I was excited to see that Manticore Arms gives you the option to add the Fenix PD35 V3.0 light & Fenix AER-02-V2 pressure switch with the Hammerhead. This was a no brainer for me. Everything locks up right and tight while giving you plenty of real estate for extra goodies.
    Would highly recommend!!!

  3. Bob N (verified owner)

    I have used the hammerhead forend for about 10 months. I have been on at least six good long walking through the woods hunting trips with it. It has banged into lots of trees, been balanced across rocks and generally abused. It has withstood every test. Many aftermarket parts differ in color, texture, fit, and durability from the factory original. Not so here. The forend matches the factory stock in dimension and fit. Like the other Manticore parts I have used from butt pads to forend it is top notch. Thoughtfully designed and well made. This forend makes the Tavor 7 a more functional weapon.

  4. Dennis Lindsey

    I installed the Fenix 35R light on my hammerhead. Once installed you do not loosen screws and remove battery to charge. Plug USB c. Works and looks great!

  5. Andy in VA

    I just finished installing the hammerhead on my Tavor 7. I have had the curved buttpad for some time now and don’t really understand why IWI didn’t include that in the first place.
    The same is true for the hammerhead.
    It completes the rifle and now the suppressor flows naturally from the from the rifle with an “of course it belongs there” look instead of the afterthought appearance it had before.
    The Magpul bipod fits better as well. Previously I had to fold it forward or it would interfere with getting to the mag release – which made the rifle longer and more annoying to maneuver. Now, with the hammerhead I can fold it backwards and it fits like it was designed for the gun.
    I could not be more pleased.

  6. Brandon (verified owner)

    I purchased this a while back ago and installed it. I love the look of it and the more real-estate. But I ran into a huge problem not to soon after with my right side magazine release. When I was running Suppressed with the T7 and with this Forend after a couple rounds the right side magazine release with rattle out of place. So I sent it into IWI because maybe it was just my rifle. But after getting it back and shooting suppressed again the right hand magazine release button fell right out again. So I then put the factory forend back on thankfully I had the pieces from the mag release still after falling out all. I reinstalled the factory forend and have had no issues since then. So idk if the factory forend maybe holds the spring and rod for the mag release in a certain way but I cannot run this forend while running a suppressor for some odd reason. My x95 .300 also has a Manta core arms Aluminum mlok rail conversion and its suppressed but has no issues with the magazine release getting rocked outta place. But I really did enjoy the looks of this forend on my T7 but unfortunately I will not run due to the mag release issue.

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