Brass Buster Brass Deflector

SKU: MA-200

The Brass Buster is designed as a removable and ambidextrous polymer brass deflector to allow weak side shooting with the Steyr AUG and Steyr AUG clones.  Simply press the Brass Buster down onto the stock behind the ejection port with the projection on the ejection port side.  Regardless of if your ejection port is on the left or right side of the gun the Brass Buster can be installed.


The Brass Buster is compatible with all Steyr Aug, MSAR STG-556 (all generations) and E4, and all TPD AXR series rifle, and includes the brass deflector and an instruction sheet.


UPC: 811359020010

100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.1 lbs


Detailed Material


Product Weight

1 Ounce

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Instructional Videos

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