Tavor TS12 Knurled Charging Handle

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The Tavor TS12 Knurled Charging handle projects out 1/4″ farther than the OEM handle and has a 1/2″ diameter knurled drum for good purchase, and  we have found this to be the perfect size to give a good grip without racking knuckles on the receiver yet the handle does not project out too far from the side of the gun.

Just like the OEM handle the Knurled Charging Handle will work on both the left and right side of the gun and is a drop in replacement made 100% in the USA.

NOTE:  Early production handles are solid with two sets of notches on the “shaft” that goes in the gun.  Current production handles have a hollow handle portion and a single set of notches on the shaft that should face rearward during installation.  The design changes do not affect performance of the handle and were for manufacturing purposes.


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100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.1 lbs


Detailed Material

8620 Steel


Black Oxide

Product Weight

0.9 Ounces

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4 reviews for Tavor TS12 Knurled Charging Handle

  1. Cameron (verified owner)

    This has been a great upgrade for my new TS12. It is far more ergonomic than the charging handle included with the OEM firearm. Much easier to grasp and operate. However, the end does not have a cover as pictured on the product page. It’s an open-ended cylinder. It doesn’t affect function at all, so I’m still giving this five stars, but I personally would have found it more aesthetically-pleasing if it had been as pictured.

  2. Brandon (verified owner)

    Excellent item for your TS12!

  3. dedmonds (verified owner)

    Just received my charging handle, it’s exactly what the OEM one should have been. I am becoming a huge fan of Manticore products.

  4. Lou Squitieri (verified owner)

    Definitely beefier than the OEM, and easier to rack

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