Tavor TS12 Shotgun Curved Buttpad

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Similar to our Tavor Curved Buttpad, the Tavor TS12 Shotgun Curved Buttpad features an aluminum skeleton structure with an overmolded rubber pad.  The rubber pad is curved to conform to the shoulder and gives both better ergonomics and a better grip so the rifle does not slide around, and has an additional 1″ of “drop” at the toe over the OEM buttpad to give a much larger surface area and the ability to ride the shotgun higher on the shoulder for a more inline stance. A small tool or a bullet is used to depress the disassembly button for removal of the TS12 Curved Buttpad.


The Tavor TS12 Shotgun Curved Buttpad is made by Manticore Arms in the USA.


Please be sure to order the correct buttpad for your rifle, and if not sure please contact customer service at [email protected]


UPC: 811359021796

100% designed and manufactured in the USA

Product Details

0.8 lbs


Detailed Material

6061 Aluminum and rubber like polymer


Black Cerakote on Aluminum

Product Weight

11.8 Ounces

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3 reviews for Tavor TS12 Shotgun Curved Buttpad

  1. Todd Meier

    Excellent Quality Works Great. Thank You Sven

  2. JD (verified owner)

    Without a doubt if you using a TS12 without wearing a body armor get this upgrade, it makes shooting more comfortable with it being curved and having larger surface area. Install was very simple, it’s literally sliding off the original stock and slide the new one on.

    Once the other accessories for the TS12 come in stock I will be ordering those as well. I am looking for carrying handle with HIVIZ sights that can attach to the pic rail, it would great if Manticore Arms could design and make that too.

  3. ARA (verified owner)

    Manticore should amend the product description to include the fact that their buttpad lacks the disassembly button that the factory IWI buttpad has, and that it cannot be removed from the TS12 without the use of a tool. The “stem” of the charging handle is too large in cross-section to be used for this purpose. Disassembly must be accomplished with the use of a punch.

    The other thing that the prospective buyer should be made aware of is that while the factory IWI buttpad’s rubber has a little “give” in it, the rubber that Manticore uses is hard, unyielding, and provides no shock absorption whatsoever. Manticore could have molded some holes in the rubber to provide some shock absorption, but they failed to do so. As is, Manticore might just as well have done away with the rubber and made it’s buttpad out of solid aluminum. It’s a buttpad in name only. It’s really a buttplate.

    • Sven Jonsson

      We will update the product description to indicate a small tool or bullet is used to remove the buttpad.

      As for the rubber on our buttpad, it is actually a softer durometer than the IWI OEM buttpad, and the extra surface area of it and curve of it makes the felt recoil lower. That being said, at the end of the day it is a 12 gauge shotgun, and it is still going to have kick. Sven at Manticore Arms

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